• Server Setup and Support
  • Network Design, Setup, and Maintenance
  • Firewall and Router Configuration
  • Sitewide Software Deployment
  • Disaster Recovery and Support
  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Budget Planning
  • System Upgrades
  • Network Maintenance and Setup
  • Laptop, Desktop Repairs and Troubleshooting
  • Systems Integration and Analysis
  • Virus Eradication and Protection
  • Spyware Cleanup
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Installation and Configurations
  • Telephone System Service
  • Video Surveillance
  • POS (Point of Sale) Systems
  • Internet access services
  • Internet Presence setup and service
  • Domain setup and DNS service
  • E-mail setup and maintenance
  • Web sites setup

Our Philosophy

If it can be done, we can do it! With more than twenty years combined experience addressing computer problems, we create solutions every day. We offer all the services above and have extensive knowledge about technology surrounding computers and information systems. We encounter and solve new and known issues on a daily basis. Sometimes we are called upon to supply an innovative resolution to an unusual or non-standard issue.

In House IT Staff

We like to work with in house information technology staff to enhance their turn around on support calls or to handle a new project.

  • Solve Manpower Shortages
  • Assist in Planning Projects
  • Budget Planning
  • Expansion Consultation
  • Individual Project support
  • Professional Documentation of Procedures and Methods

We have what it takes to meet tight schedule deadlines. We believe that planning is the key to a successful project completion. We focus required attention to planning, so project outcomes will meet requirements. We also work to manage expectation levels so what is implemented is what is expected. We will help to evaluate the technologies associated with a project to determine if the technologies meet the requirement goals. We do not subscribe to the hype usually associated with new technologies. Instead we like to do a proof of concept in a limited rollout phase. We document procedures and methods in non-technical terms.

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