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Data Recovery and Reconstruction
Best Data Recovery we have found. If you have a failed Hard Drive and need to recover the information. Specializes in the difficult recovery jobs. Fill out the web form.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, Contact us for a backup solution so this does not happen again!

How to Protect your Data with Regular Backups
One of the most important things any computer owner/user should do is backup their data. If at all possible, store the data in a different place than your computer, not somewhere else in the house, somewhere else completely. Also, backup on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how much new data you add daily. This is a step by step guide from Microsoft on how to backup data within Windows XP

CCIS Remote Backup Client
Download CCIS Solutions Remote backup client to backup data off-site

Great password manager and web form filler program integrates with your web browser and helps secure your Internet logins with encryption.

Website templates, easy to use, full instructions, you will need to provide the content, but this site was developed in less than a day using their templates.

Allway Sync
Mobile user, need to take files home with you or to another destination? Robust file synchronization software.

5 Tips to Keep Your Computer Running Smooth
One of our technicians wrote this quick, easy to follow article about speeding up your computer with 5 different methods. Very simple alterations that will get your computer running faster within an hour.

Constantly Updated Blog with Computer Related Info
View various tips tricks and articles for helping your computer run better and be more secure. Also includes links to good products related to computers.  

Using Dual Boot to Run Multiple OS's on the Same PC
If you are still not sure whether to upgrade to Vista or if you just want to try it out to see how you like it, this article will tell you how to install a secondary OS without breaking your system.